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Summarize Excel

This online app uses AI to generate a consize summary analysis of the informations provided inside Excel files


4 Answers

Yes, you need to subscribe to a paid plan (Start, Standard or Premium) to fully use this app.

Yes, the paid version of this app uses ChatGPT 4 which generates the best result from any text.

This app uses ChatGPT. It uses artificial intelligence to generate a reliable and consistent result, without human intervention.

A good starting point might be a summary of about 100-200 words, while longer material may require more extensive summaries. That said, a general rule of thumb is that a summary should be about one quarter to one third the length of the original text.

The goal of a summary is to retain the original text's core ideas and main points. Therefore, rather than focusing on the word count, it's more important to ensure that the summary accurately encapsulates the main argument, key facts, and conclusions while omitting details.