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Ikalas is a web platform that offers hundreds of applications accessible directly from a browser, without the need to download or install any software. Some applications use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide powerful assistance to all users to increase their productivity.

Some applications are free and others are paid. Paid applications require a monthly subscription (see the pricing page). Payments are secured with Stripe and Ikalas does not hold any banking information about its users.

Credits are essential for accessing AI-powered applications on the platform. These applications often require substantial resources, and the credits are used to manage and maintain these advanced capabilities. Each AI-enabled application uses a certain number of credits, which varies based on the resources consumed and the complexity of the task. This system is designed to ensure fair access to all users.

AI supports more than 50 languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Bengali, Urdu, Turkish, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese, Thai, Tagalog (Filipino), and Swahili. This list is not exhaustive and there are other supported languages ​​but text comprehension and generation are a little less efficient. Please note also that the paid plans use improved AI which has better support for all these languages.

Absolutely yes. Exchanges with our service use HTTPS, which allows all your data to be encrypted. We are only at the service of our users. We do not communicate any information to third parties.

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