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Extract quiz questions from PDFs. Convert PDFs, Docs, PowerPoints, or any textual content into interesting quizzes using our AI online.

This application accepts a PDF document and generates a set of quiz questions based on the content. This could be a great tool for educators or students.

File types accepted: pdf, ppt, pptx, doc, docx

Only one file accepted

Upload the PDF file you want to generate a quiz from
Enter the desired number of questions for the quiz (maximum of 35)


8 Answers

Pricing is based on the textual content of your document. For a slide-type document, the price is 1 credit for 10 pages.

For a document where the pages are A4 type with dense content, the price is 1 credit for 1.5 pages.

The more text there is in your document, the higher the number of credits used.

For example, for a 20-page presentation type document with slides, the price is 2 credits. 1 credit = $0.05.

Please note that you still need to subscribe to a paid plan (start, standard or premium) to use this app. For each plan subscribed to, there are already credits included.

Yes, you need to subscribe to a paid plan (Start, Standard or Premium) to fully use this app.

Yes, the paid version of this app uses ChatGPT 4 which generates the best result from any text.

The AI might produce fewer questions due to content limitations in the document or internal processing limits. The AI might prioritize generating questions that are relevant and accurate, even if it means producing fewer than the requested number. To increase the total number of questions, consider executing the app multiple times with the same documents. This approach can yield additional questions in subsequent runs.

To generate a quiz from a PDF file, follow these steps: 1. Upload the PDF file you want to use. 2. Enter the desired number of questions for the quiz (maximum of 35). 3. Select the quiz type (Multiple Choice, True/False, or Simple). 4. Click the "Validate" button to generate the quiz.

Due to AI limitations, the maximum number of questions in a quiz is limited to 35. If you need more questions, you can run the app multiple times to generate additional quizzes.

If the PDF Quiz Generator is unable to extract enough text from your document to generate the quiz, it may be because your document is protected or consists mainly of images. In such cases, the app may not be able to extract the necessary text to create the quiz.

The free version of the PDF Quiz Generator has the following limitations: - The maximum number of questions is limited to 4. - The AI used is more restricted. To generate quizzes with more questions and better relevance, you can upgrade to a paid plan (Start, Standard, or Premium).