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Apps using Artificial Intelligence

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All PDF tools: extract, convert, merge, protect...

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Generate QR code, names and other things

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Images editor apps: Crop, convert, transform, ect...

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Document applications: Convert, transform, or generate

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Multiple apps to help you convert documents, videos or audio

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What is the Ikalas platform?

Ikalas is a web platform that offers hundreds of apps accessibles directly from a browser, without the need to download or install any software. Some apps use AI (Artificial Intelligence) to provide powerful assistance to all users to increase their productivity.

What is an app?

An app is a minimalist application designed to perform one task efficiently. Apps are the fundamental building blocks of the Ikalas platform, contributing to a more efficient and simplified workflow. Think of apps as bricks that you can combine together to build something bigger.

Do I need to pay?

Some apps are free and others are paid. Paid apps require a monthly subscription (see the pricing page). Payments are secured with Stripe and Ikalas does not hold any banking information about its users.